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  • Always remember the earth goes around and around. The same truth applies to whatever is sown will certainly predict the type of harvest to come.
    Principle of sowing and reaping
  • Always free yourself from restraining yourself to doing what's right.
    Right choices
  • Go out and feel nature's breeze, look up and see the magnificent of the sky, move as if in a circle and see awesome wonder. Nature at its best.
  • In spite of our imperfections He calls us His master piece. I believe it's only a strategy used to elevate our thoughts of ourselves.
    Imperfect but perfect
  • Love and Life is filled with beautiful surprises.
    Life and Love
  • Pain is the needed remedy to get back up on your feet.
    Pain is remedy
  • Pursue life as though there is only today. Live life and make every minute of living count.
    Life and the pursuit thereof
  • Mothers should be held up high, they are to be looked upon as life givers because they are in unbreakable partnership with the Great Creator -God. They are to be treasured and loved.
  • All praise and recognition given goes to You Almighty God.
    It's all laid down at Your feet, no other more deserving.
    Almighty God
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