Quotations From JEANIE LEYBA


  • Live your questions now, and
    perhaps even without knowing it,
    you will live along some distant day
    into your answers.
    Sometimes we miss the lessons we could be learning along the way as we live the question.
  • Evening is meant for reflection.
    It's the time of day when we instinctively
    look back on what we accomplished,
    and entertain new dreams for the future.
    Looking toward the future, we know there will be similar detoures. Yet our faith bolsters our courage and allows us to embrace the mystery of whatever lies ahead.
  • Powerful emotions and experiences
    are focused on such as the bonds of family
    the bonds of love, and the bonds of fear
    and violence. They are all links of karmic
    energy. On a soul level and not our ego
    we seek to explore all the aspects
    of human existence and fulfill our
    part of the pattern.
    We all have free will, though our soul and karma may be leading us in a certain direction to help us find balance.
  • Empathy isn't just listening, it's
    asking the questions whose answers
    need to be listened to. Empathy isn't
    just remembering to say that must
    really be hard it's figuring out how
    to bring difficulty into the light.
    Empathy means acknowledging a horizon of context that extends perpetually beyond what you can see
  • Forgive and forget the saying goes
    Forgive and gently remember may be more realistic.
    By forgiving, we relinquish our desire to get
    back at others. We release them from
    their offenses and release ourselves
    from grudge-keeping and bitterness.
    It's easy to celebrate our strengths. Yet, in many ways, we only see our strengths in light of our weaknesses.
  • We grow by ststretching ourselves, trying
    something we've never done before.
    When we take those risks, we are clumsy
    and run into unfamiliar obstacles. Then
    we need some more learning and research,
    taking us on yet another new journey. In this
    way, our path is a string of obstacles each one
    building on the one before and leading up
    to the next. We take our cues from questions we're
    struggling with.
    The obstacles is the path. There is the path Find the answers
  • The mind is constantly simmering with thoughts.
    Usually, these are thoughts about what has already
    happened or what we need to do next to fulfill a want or need.
    Once in a while, we are present in the right now.
    Completely present, we lose track of time. We discover this moment is all we need.
  • It is vital to put words to our thoughts.
    When we have an important decision to make
    we often say, I need to talk this through. Our
    beliefs and values come to life and become
    more tangible when we speak them or write
    them down in hope of sharing them.
    When we keep our thoughts inside it's almost
    like we're hiding. So, we take the risk and speak.
    Afterwards, not only does the other person know
    more about us, we know more about ourselves.
    It is important to speak your mind, made verbal and shared, even at the risk of having it bruised or misunderstood.
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