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  • We cannot change our pasts, we may forget or nurture them, but they ought not to take over the driving wheel on which the course of our future is decided
    Embracing your future without letting your past's shadow around.
  • Everyone has right to make mistakes, but the inability to understand and accept a mistake is not a right but a tragic setback to reasoning.
    Mistakes and Corrections
  • Above all creeds and traditions stands first discernment rooted in logical reasoning and steeped in common sense
    Logical reasoning
  • The pretty thing about agreement after arguments isn't much about who's wrong or right, but the opportunity well spent in exploring into the unknown
    Reaching agreement after strong discussion
  • Maturity in life is when you can see something positive in what most consider as nagative
    Positive first
  • The greatest gift is the best you gave to yourself, but the most valued is the one you made others receive
    Giving and the value in receiving
  • Writing is my passion; words are the flames of the fire in my thoughts.
    my love for poetry
  • It took all curves and bended rules to reach the straight understanding line in enduring love
    perseverance and flexibility are the keys to lasting love and understanding.
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