Quotations From JOECEL JOY JAYME

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  • Just be who you are don't trust too much because in this world. You can only trust your self.
    I am trusting someone too much and its only hurt me that much
  • Maybe loving you is a nightmare but I know that you will do all your best just to make it my dreams
    I am in love with someone that I don't know if I can trust him after what happened to my past
  • TEARS are falling,
    My HEART is bleeding
    Seeing you with her
    Want me to be a murderer.
    Actually I'm just really bored that time and I want to write a poem but too bad I only end up writing this quote
  • I am a piece of a paper
    Flying my life by the help of the wind.
    I was writing a poem when out of the blue I take this one down so instead of putting this in one stanza of the poem I choose to make this one as a quotation
  • The best way to conquer the success is to be in yourself
  • Sometimes, we need to be strong just to achieve our goals. Keep on going even death is chasing... you may think of giving up but you wont co z you know at the end of the day, you're still the winner for gaining the knowledge that you need. A knowledge that will lead you to your journey to success...
    This quote just came up into my mind.
  • Whatever may happen. We'll stick to each other. Through ups and down, tears and laughter, we're always be forever together
    Its a quotation I wrote for our friendship
  • I don't need to open my eyes wide to see my destiny all just I need to do is to sit down and wait for the perfect time
    Its a statement of what I feel.
  • It's always matter the things that you've been done. What's not matter is, when no one appreciates it.
    Its just came up into my mind.
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