Quotations From JONATHAN ROBIN

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    Openly shared articulated harmony of individual ability to channel creative soul-song AWAY from the ego
    Jonathan Robin
  • LIFE:
    A finite succession of infinite opportunities
    Jonathan Robin
  • NOISE:
    Signals static individuals are unaware they COULD decipher
    Jonathan ROBIN
  • Major case prose makes minor case rose
    Jonathan ROBIN
    What is the difference beween...
    A sea captain and a corrupt judge?
    One is in charge of sailors, the other charges, sells laws.

    A welcome and an unwelcome guest?
    One stays over, the other overstays.

    A cross wire, and a worse crier?
    Telephone and phony tale.

    A merchant and a merchantman?
    One sells wares, the other wears sails.

    A poor singer and a harpoonist?
    One wails scales, the other scales whales.

    A gourmet and a gourmand?
    One eats out, the other outeats.

    A broker and a middleman?
    One deals in shares, the other shares in deals.

    A cheat and a forgetful person?
    One looks over, the other overlooks.

    A hunter and a coward?
    One fights the ducks, the other ducks the fights.

    Pollution and a poor sailor?
    One is a a sea slick, the other seasick.

    A salmon packer and a priest?
    One cans goods, the other cans Gods, they both fish.

    Propaganda and a bat?
    One lights hate, the other hates light, and both are blind.

    Woman of heart and woman of spirit?
    One ambitions caresses the other caresses ambitions.

    Rain is to cloudbreak what reign is to crowd break

    HE: 'I go out whenever I please! '
    SHE: 'You please whenever you go out! '
    Jonathan ROBIN
  • Mémoires de demi-mondaine:
    Vingt mille lieux sous les draps.
    Jonathan ROBIN
  • Contrats Arabs:
    Soit des pots de vin, soit dépôt de bilan.
    Jonathan ROBIN
  • Musique qui chauffe la salle:
    Ré au mur.
    Jonathan ROBIN
  • Une primadonna passée :
    Hier Ronde Elle
    Jonathan ROBIN
  • Un pervert en voiture:
    Auto da fétichiste
    Jonathan ROBIN
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