Quotations From JOSEF OGBONNA


  • There are perhaps billions of gazes in the world. But only one can have the magnetic gaze of love.
    Love at first sight.
  • The failure to acknowledge your fears and weaknesses is nothing more than feigned courage.
    Being sincere about your fears
  • The dearth of faith or religion is the death of existence. Because our existence must revolve around faith.
    The essence of faith.
  • Lust and infatuation are ephemeral. Only love can stand the test of an entire lifetime.
  • Let him who wields so much power allow sobriety to order the governance of his heart.
    Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Thus the need for checks and balances.
  • Its only a foolish man that doesn't plan for death. And more foolish if he fails to plan for the after life.
    Teach me to number my days
  • If you fail to be realistic, reality will take you unawares.
    The need to be realistic
  • Hate is a crime against the vertical and horizontal realms of divinity and humanity. Whilst profanity is exclusive to divinity.
    Crimes against God and humanity.
  • Every man ought always to be sober, because all men are destined finally for the soil.
    Life is nothing
  • At life's twilight, gold and silver do not matter.
    Vanity of amassing wealth
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