Quotations From JOSEPH SPENCE SR

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  • I have climbed up the rough side of many mountains. The most enjoyable view I enjoyed the most was climbing to the top.
    Overcoming struggles in life.
  • Consider the options. Do it right the first time. You may never get the chance again.
  • "The proliferation of goodwill and accord, is a great booster to achieving peace, and uplift the essence of life worldwide, anytime and anywhere, instead of bad faith actions done in secrecy! "
    Achieving Peace!
  • Material madness, generates choking sensation. Detachment of the mind from worldly possessions, calms the soul!
  • Beauty so blissful. Awesome aesthetic quality. Glowing like blooming autumn leaves.
    Autumn's Beauty!
  • Ancestral knowledge. Follow the path of wisdom. Modern era requires flexibility.
    Ancestral Wisdom!
  • Thanksgiving autumn season of grace. Loving reason for family blessings and grace. Inherent beauty from soul to soul!
    Blessings and Grace!
  • Always perpetuate treasures of beauty. Inspiring positive thoughts from within. Like the rays of the rising sun!
    Rays of Beauty!
  • Always abide in peace, allowing intense negative emotion to die. Erasing mind choking darkness!
    Peace Erasing Darkness!
  • Allow harmonious and melodious music, flowing softly like relaxing waves, to erase illusions from the soul!
    Erasing illusions!
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