Quotations From KIRTI SHAH

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  • Affection we give to fillings are value of out thought.
    mind eduction2
  • Flow of river water never coming back, but sound of flowing water continued till water is there.
  • I'm not a performer or artist just by a PEN (writing) exactly educting & trying to purify mind and those words are slip, am arranging it.
    manno nichod par-2
  • If temper not gone out our nearest would be for more time with us, whoever do not loses mind
  • Someone live or not, immediately allies for their car on track. They rare scholars, accepts an easy death
    MANNO NICHOD- Part-3
  • If the time comes, that goes live. Time which is not the same time
    MANNO NICHOD, Part-3
  • Date changes; If chronicled changes. If one takes off vertically standing next to goes off. 'Setback' Many death- live a life, 'Peugeot' creator defeat, a side effect.
    Manno Nichod Part-3
  • Sun terminating the Dark Chamber, Unaware of it.
    Manno nichod part-3
  • Resolving problems still not resolved many lives that he left after subtracting what?
    Manno Nichod-3
  • There are may be no mode in which vibrancy of life is not sensed an opportunity when it becomes critical
    Manno nichod-3
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