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  • The question 'why',
    either throw you in deep gorge of depression,
    or it'll make you an Ubermensch.
    The question will lead towards nihilism, Ubermensch a superman by Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche.
  • There is stroppy resistance between soul and body,
    Let them fell apart to end this painful game.
    To live is to suffer
  • I may say life is all about fuck job. But it won't be digestible to your fucking wise system. Where people's ass is being smashed on the name of discipline.
    We are being squeezed on the name of system
  • I want to wail like a madwoman,
    Not worrying about who listens and watches..
    Let me mourn, over her death
  • I'm burning in the hell of myself, with the hope of healing death..
    Death is cure
  • Look around yourself with closed eyes, you'll find world full of idiots..
    Look through eyes of your heart
  • If life is really to live, then why this much pain, race and struggle
    Let's live, not suffer
  • Happy is one who never came
  • Dying everyday is curse,
    dying once is peace...
    It's better to die early, than this system skills you millions of times
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