Quotations From KATIE ANON

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  • Rarely will you regret true action, only inaction or reaction.
  • Habits may grow roots and become wild, but they are not made of stone
  • You cannot change the way a person reacts to you,  you cannot change that person. You can only change the way that you react to how they are treating you.
  • In always striving to become someone else could mean you you never truly discover who you actually are. Maybe in striving to get to know yourself you could find you are more amazing than you ever knew..
  • Life is not broken down by years or days but by our desisions in each moment
  • You may waste years wishing, turn wishes into plans and then they may come true.
  • You are not completely rational but an emotional animal. Awareness of that will allow you to work with rather than against yourself.
  • Recovery is not about conquering depression, its about understanding and eventually being able to manage it.
  • The straight line of reflection stops the circle of repeated mistakes
    Reflection Learning
  • The spiral down is so quick. But the way back up is always a tough climb.
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