Quotations From KIM AOUAD

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  • If 'the world is a stage, ' dear Shakespeare, I must admit: I am a terrible actress; this role set upon me may be over sooner than expected.
    Dear Shakespeare
  • Love resembles a beautiful rose...
    Many pass by it,
    Most kneel to it,
    Some prick their fingers with its malicious thorns,
    But few nurture it and let it grow...
    Let it grow, let it grow, let it grow...
  • Pain is a fire that burns on our soul's weakness and leaves our bodies ashes on the barren ground.
    Souls as feed
  • The winds inside of me are no longer as calm as they used to be; the breeze became a storm that thuds, destroying everything in its path -K.A.🍃
    Inner Storm
  • She who loves with her all is bound to lose her all
    All for all
  • one feels not sorry for a glass heart one has purposely shattered
    I need not your sympathy
  • I was taught that love conquers all, but learned that few have the courage to let it take over.
    Love and be loved
  • dès que le désespoir se défait l'espoir apparaît
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