Quotations From KINYUA KARANJA


  • Truth is something that hurts especially when it's against you.You wish if it were a lie.
    Kinyua Karanja
  • I would rather know the truth and get hurt than live in lie
    Kinyua Karanja
  • Optimism is very good for your life but over optimism is dangerous for your health when it fails.
    Kinyua Karanja.
  • Show me a person of flattery tongue, a man of adulation words and I will show you an insincere, selfish and hypocrite character.
    Flattery, Kinyua Karanja
  • Being rude is like exposing your nude,
    Being polite is right,
    Choose light and live right.
    Kinyua Karanja,2015 poem; Harmonized evil
  • Life challenges allow you to distinguish real friends from fake followers but, I would rather live without problems and not knowing my real friends.
    Friends of all times, Kinyua Karanja.
  • An egoistic politician is dangerous to himself and all those around him,
    he is like a suicide bomber who want everybody to go down with him.
    Kinyua Karanja @ 2017
  • Lie may live to an old age, but truth is immortal.
    Truth vs lie, Kinyua Karanja @2017
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