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  • Past has got the potential to improve the present....and present has got the potential to improve the future....
    managing time
  • If old is gold, why can't present be made diamond and future be made platinum?
  • How to work without expectation:
    View WORK as the best possible option for utilisation of time which is the most precious thing available to us that can never be retrieved back.
    Karma Yoga
  • Prevention is always better than cure:
    Curb your desires to prevent sorrows.
    Preventing sorrows
  • Loneliness may be treated as a source of silent inspiration.
    Accepting loneliness
  • Success often is misleading and turns out to be a failure over a period of time. Therefore one should not be overwhelmed by success.
    Approach towards success
  • The theorem for a happy married life:
    A husband should feel the presence of God in his wife.
    A wife should feel the presence of God in her husband.
    Ensuring healthy conjugal relationship
  • Worrying about the future is like trying to measure the height of the sky.
    Preventing worries
  • Nobody can appraise you.Only you can appraise yourself.
  • Whatever may be the situation, if one can discover a drop of love in the system, one can feel comfortable and develop the courage to face it.
    Facing the situation
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