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  • Life is not only a flow but also a reality that shines eternally ever in cyclic manner. Only we need to feel this essence and truth.
    Life and journey
  • Mind is a moving ocean and a flying sky. This wanders with many vibrations coming in contact of material desires. But we need to learn the art of stabilizing this by practice of meditation.
    Mind and Waves
  • Many define love in many ways. But love is a pure eternal quality which has originated from divine nature of soul within and vary much powerful that tends towards purity and God.
    Love and life
  • Life is not to enjoy and waste time. It is to sacrifice and feel the pain, harassment, disappointment of other and is to help them in need.
    Life and feelings
  • Truth cannot be covered with lie like the gold with dirt. Gold does bedazzle when it is washed. Truth too comes out of several lies.
    Truth wins
  • We should not repent to the loss of the past but we should paint our life with the colour of knowledge of God.
    Painting of life
  • We neither control time nor does the time control us. We can control ourselves.
    Control of life
  • Meditation is a kink that does connect the human soul with God and brings peace, bliss and happiness in life.
  • We may loss wealth, it is recoverable, we may loss health it is curable, but if we loss morality we loss all. It is not compensate-able.
    Wealth and life
  • Honey is sweet and some foods are too. Likewise let us make our conversations and conduct both of high moral and sweet nature.
    Sweetness of conduct
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