Quotations From LEBO CHEPAPE

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  • dear you, you do not owe social media anything.-Lebo Chepape
  • we found love waiting when we got here, we are going to leave it behind the day we go, but we will find more of it where we are heading.-Lebo Chepape
  • hormones and feelings are dangerous things, but we are human and we need them.-Lebo Chepape
  • always make room for the things you never plan to accommodate, the come in anyway.-Lebo Chepape
  • my life is love, purpose and nothing else.-Lebo Chepape
  • here's the most amazing awesome scary terrifying thing about life: anything can and will happen.-Lebo Chepape
  • you have every right to perceive whatever of me, think however of me. just respect my presence. that's all.-Lebo Chepape
  • you better start thinking & believing you're enough. because to everybody else, you are always going to be too much or never enough.-Lebo Chepape
  • maybe autocorrect is a very mean modernized technological Freudian Slip.-Lebo Chepape
  • maybe if you don't rush into it, it won't be quick to end.-Lebo Chepape
    Don't rush
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