Quotations From LEE MACK

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  • Who sows knowledge of misinformation reaps the black hole.
  • I sixty-six six-way... vote.
  • Word alone in conscience, gift alone in life...
    Lee B. Mack Word
  • Audacity mixes a cocktail of divine myths to dilute measures of contents and justify raising taxes to fund observations for research in microsubduction of white-on-white racism civism raised to a future science of Jim Crow...
    Lee B. Mack poems
  • Thinking with God ends conversation succinctly from below inquiries qued without need nor theme;
    Figuring things out end conversations with thought for thinking, God points attention to the shadow on the mantel and below the figurine.
    Lee B Mack Poems
  • Talking to yourself assumes God irrelavant... and reducible; one needs to shut up, one needs to set down.


    Experience thought of for future experience is already done figuring out how synalepha consequences stack up values of innovation obsolesence.
    Lee B Mack poems
  • i refuse to write what you already understand,
    stenographically speaking; repeats what was written.
    Lee B. Mack
  • GRACE... bruises are fearless tolerances, bites breakthroughs to sources that bleed. Calls nibble at bait, bites bleed hate to death. O'Life.
    Lee B. Mack (for kalama Harris, Twitter)
  • Are there human beings behind the white drapery?
    Lee B. Mack
  • Language and moral judgment never manages
    To speak the same language or make that judgment
    lee b mack
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