Quotations From LEWIS FINDLEY

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  • Vengeance may belong to God
    But karma belongs to the karmalingo
    The holy bible....the movie angels and demons title portrayed by Evan mcgregor
  • To promote what one does not understand is shame and ignorance
    Beyond compare
    Originally posted by me via pseudonym at a bossier city LA website
  • The more I see in the news today and the more I learn of history, both old and new testament as well as secular, the more I am convinced that the legitimate end of national ISRAEL came in a d 70 and the re establishment of modern day national ISRAEL is a God damned farce. May Jesus forgive us for the war crime of May 14 1948, we gave Hitler what he wanted, in time ISIS, which is Israel, manifest
  • Satellite vs hair wire internet
    Dish services vs xfinity Comcast.
    What is told you is the superficial.
    What is NOT told you is the out of service conditions.
    They are overextended fir satellite. You are back in business very soon with xfinity Comcast. So much for progress and chznge.
    Findleyism in the midst of cable tv outage 42115
  • Conspiracy denial is racist....
    Would the government lie to African Americans during the Tuskegee syphilis experiments of 1932-1972?
    Who else but a God Damn Nazi (proxy Jew) denies the holocaust..and conspiracies?
  • The unhealthier the obsession the bigger the fool obsessed there with
    (Think about this David)
  • If anybody deserves misery in this lifetime and hell in the next it is the atheist
    Pray the Lord Jesus this comes to pass
  • If the jews hate america that badly so be it. Let them quit firing upon our churches in charleston sc @nd elsewhere and go back to Israel

    Lewis Findlay
    Among a myriad of stares and a few sadly shaking heads
    And a disappointed mother

    Garden city primitive Baptist church

    Garden city georgia

    Fathers day 2015
    Jew shooting of church in charleston school June 2015
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