Quotations From LOTLOT DIAZ


  • those who spoke late,
    those who are potentialy genius.
    as many thinks for the late talkers as a low kind. Sorry but you are absolutely wrong.
  • if you know making fire
    you know stoping it.
    But if the fire is huge as life
    you must know no killing.
    say no to abortions
  • Think of it and it will happen.
    You must think all of the things that you want to happen.
  • Why walk if you can run,
    But why run if you can fly.
    Why keep on barrowing things to others If you can buy your own.
  • while past is keep on flashingbacks its sadness
    the future will keep on making surprises for you.
    you must forget the past and greatfully embrace each morning.
  • Dont you ever vow to the problems, let the problems vow to you.
    if you vow to the problems, you lose.
  • What we can bring
    with us through our
    death is what we have called
    the real wealth.
    It is not money, But the goodness in you.
  • Nature doesn't need us,
    But we need the nature.
    We must not abuse the nature, cause we need it the most. If its gone we all gonna die. But if we all die the nature Will still remain forever.
  • Fulfilled
    Are those who are in silence.
    cause we who are contented have nothing to say for we are Happy of what we have what we are.
  • walking wet is cold
    but to walk alone is the most cold
    of all.
    without some who we cold partner in life is too dificult
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