Quotations From LUZ HANAII

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  • 'The dead don't love nor see, the blessings God bestows.'
    By Luz Hanaii
  • 'Life is neither good nor bad. Life is Life! '
    By Luz Hanaii
  • In this life, pain and suffering are not optional but moaning and bitterness are.
    By Luz Hanaii
  • Simplicity can help relax overcrowded minds.
    by Luz Hanaii
  • Balance Test:
    To be unaffected by the opinions
    and well meaning offers of guidance
    of others, is the result of maturity.
    Luz Hanaii
  • People are destined to grow old, age and then die,
    many grow tall, bald or fat, but few grow-up.
    Luz Hanaii
  • Who of true intelligence hasn't suffered, I'd show you a fool.
    Luz Hanaii
  • Life's reality is not romantic
    so men invented poetry.
    My own attribution Luz Hanaii
  • Most people live for a time
    but poets live on.
    This is my own quote, by Luz Hanaii
  • It is better to walk alone in peace than accompanied but walking on egg shells.
    My own quotation as of today.
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