Quotations From LYN PAUL

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  • We have survived our youth
    So let us now flourish
    To breathe Freedom
    Into our future

    Copyright Reserved December 2014
    Lyn Paul
  • People May Come
    People May Go
    Be that person...
    People would want to know

    Copyright Reserved. Lyn Paul
    December 2014
  • Remind Yourself... Just Who You Are
    Find your strength
    You Will go Far...

    Copyright Reserved 01/01/2015
    Lyn Paul
  • Life is full,
    Of Wonderful memories...
    May you think of some today.

    Copyright Reserved March 2015
    Lyn Paul
    For us all!
  • If you believe in something - Follow It.
    As long as it shows no greed - And hurts No One!

    Copyright reserved Lyn Paul
  • Pray for me today
    I know there is a way
    To fill my needs with only what I need. x

    Copyright Reserved 14th May 2015
    Lyn Paul
  • Too many people in this world
    Think only of themselves....
    We need to change that!

    Copyright Reserved June 2015
    Lyn Paul
  • When you fall
    You must keep getting back up
    We are not here to fall
    We are here to rise

    Lyn Paul 2015
  • When burnt & broken
    Fading Away
    Only you hear your pain
    Know the answers will not be ignored.
    Answers to be found & accepted.
  • May the ending be an opening
    For a remarkable beginning


    13th January 2016 Lyn Paul
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