Quotations From M A UZEFA RASHIDA

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  • Words playful make your thoughts played well and paid well
    poets and writers or authors
  • Great minds have great ways to understand the lessons life teaches
    poets and philosophers
  • The submission to the will of the creator will always keep you happy and content.
    philosophy of life
  • Morals are learnt and followed when life gives you everything you desire, its hard to keep up your morals when life deprives you of even food and clothing and a decent living.
    The One-act play 'Soul Gone Home' by Langston Hughes.
  • Don't be rude to anyone, behold your tongue cause your own impolite words would stab your back someday.
    being courteous
  • Beauty that is a creation in the form of a woman created by the Great Creator of all beings.
    beauty and women
  • Like dawn, Hope brings light to our confidence and motivates us to seek success.
    hope, confidence and success
  • Poets great or small, have got to speak a lot, from experiences and failures, they do give us a lesson everyday.
    poets and experience
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