Quotations From M.P KUMAWAT

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  • There is no individual person
    Or any circumstances that
    I am sorrowful, it's me
    And my ignorance.
  • 'War and Violence can give you space in million minds but not even in single heart.'
    Positive thought
  • 'Success is all about
    To climb a mountain
    But there is no rope way
    You have to climb it.'
    Inspirational thought
  • 'Whether do Love or Hate, Do it with all the zest. I choose to Love, what about you! '
    Positive thought
  • 'Life is like an ocean
    Sometimes calm and
    Sometimes stormy
    But still it has beauty.'
    Positive thought
  • 'No one can live a life with joy
    Who doesn't have a heart of
    Humility and Love.'
    Positive thought
  • 'Sometimes its worthless to decide
    That which way to go while
    Both ways has its adventures
    So just go for it.'
    Positive thought
  • 'If one has ego, He must visit to a funeral for
    Once and stay there until it turns to ashes.'
    Positive thought
  • 'To study is not difficult
    But to make up the mind
    Certainly is.'
    Positive thought
  • 'Eyes are the windows of the body
    Through which one see the pious soul.'
    Spiritual thought
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