• Appreciating is wise boon of GOD
    Human being has some audacity / ego by character but when appreciation to other is exposed then there are composed the tariff of peace.
  • I have two inconsolable child - Cheering & Mourning
    My Mourning chases after my Cheering. How can I forget them; how can I live without them together
    well & woe walk together
  • Loneliness is best if I can discover myself and learn the self; Solitude is also best if I can discover or learn myself silently from other and in crowded the knowing of self shows the path of Saint if I want to know myself through every single or multitude creation.
    For knowing best through self learning
  • World is the stage where we every creation is the actor / actress.The omniscient spectator is Creator. Don't over act to find Him. Overacting is always abandoned.
    For your personal belief don't hate others
  • Silent all words of hope; passing before the sight of colorful life where all expectations play a game of immortality within mortal being
    Great expectations play game of world silently
  • Life is where there the love is evaluated and love is where there the life is the full meaning of philanthropy
    Life without love is nothing
  • In the Parlor of master of knowledge silence is the greatest helper to gain knowledge properly
    Silent is The greatest teacher
  • প্রেম আমার বিশ্বাস; বিশ্বাস আমার প্রেম
    জ্ঞান আমার মাঝে আসে প্রেমের মাধ্যমে বিশ্বাস হয়ে
    প্রেমেই বিশ্বাস জন্মে আর বিশ্বাসেই জ্ঞান অর্জন হয়
  • তুমি আমায় ঘৃণা করতে পারো; হতে পারে ঘৃণিত তোমার কাছে আমার মতবাদ ও সংস্কৃতি
    তবে আমি তোমায় ঘৃণা করিনা যদিও তোমার মতবাদ ও সংস্কৃতি গ্রহণ করতে পারিনি
    As human being all are welcome to my humanity
  • I gain knowledge to love the creations of God, to seek the love of God in the midst of creations.
    Love is the master of knowledge
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