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  • Light comes from the inside which shows the heart way to love. Love drinks light Love grew for the light in the heart
    Love and Light
  • No matter if love never comes to you, Love is like fire it grows more and more by the heart. Just build a heart of gold.
  • Whenever you enter into her body, neither the path was so sure nor unsure.She stretches her for you cause the door of heaven was not easy and it is called love.If unfortunately you come never let her go without love.Only love can love you making much happy but you knew it by sex.So you were in only sex not in love crossing it's limit.
    Love and Sex
  • To see, it looks like beautiful; No it is not beautiful. As you think beautifully regarding the matter and it has been so.Think as much as you possible.
    Thinking and beautiness
  • Not to say, you didn't want to know who you were. You are somebody else Find out who you are.Think, You are bearing an unknown souls over you.
    Know your self
  • Regardless You should come closer to me, If I stay more closer. This love is not longing for living alone even if we are all alone
  • No love loves without love.You may love her; you may touch her every day and every moment if you feel to love her.
    Love and feelings
  • Tell to whom it is your choice but if he realize it ever that is his honesty.
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