Quotations From MANONTON DALAN

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  • 'getting lost is the beginning
    to find your way back'
    I was in venice years ago when I made a wrong turn and I am going back to where I came from but teenagers keep saying go that way... I didn't listen to them.
  • ' where was the wind when I needed it'
    I was teeing for long par 4 and it was so calm...I want a push
  • 'there's something sinister
    behind those tall grass'
    I keep losing my good balls behind those elephant grass
  • 'why are these deer roam
    the golf courses'
    during deer hunt season lots of deer are being seen at the golf courses
  • 'knowing is easier than doing'
    we were working on door this morning. I know the procedure on how to change the door but it's taking us too long to do it.
  • 'good communication is a must
    to successful job'
    we were looking for right circuit breaker to secure power for outside power outlet we are working on. we used walkie talkie.
  • 'keeping your mind busy
    makes it sharper everyday'
    I run couple of mental exercise on me everyday so my reaction time would be faster and I found out I am getting faster
  • 'sound of my club tells me how good I hit the ball'
    I was practicing today and i hear that distinct sound for a good straight shot
  • ' rain can't quench my thirst'
    it was raining today but I still feel thirsty
  • 'nothing can substitute a power nap'
    I make a habit of napping when I get home
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