Quotations From MARGI PREUS

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  • “Look at this world! So vast! So wide! Huge masses of land spread across it; multitudes of green and brown islands dotted the blue expanse of the oceans. He felt like a bird contemplating the sky.”
    Margi Preus, Heart of a Samurai
  • “The door through which he had glimpsed such wondrous light, he had walked through. He had encountered both beauty and pain. Now he understood that was how it would always be—no matter where he went in the world.”
    Margi Preus, Heart of a Samurai
  • “These shells are just like the people of the world, Okachan, Manjiro said, speaking not just to his mother, but to everyone. They come from many places. They come in many different colors and sizes. But they are all beautiful.”
    Margi Preus, Heart of a Samurai
  • “Fall down seven times, get up eight.”
  • “Different versions of a true story”
  • “A smile becomes you or perhaps you become you when you smile.”
  • “Such is the amazing power of stories to link us to our past and lead us all the way back to the present.”
  • “I want to do whats right. But how can I, when I am faced with only impossible choices?”
    Margi Preus, West of the Moon
  • “A trifle can be enough when luck is on your side.”
    Margi Preus, West of the Moon
  • “What are true things, and what are not? What is good, and what is rubbish? Everything you encounter in life, everything you read, you have to use your own noggin.”
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