• Everyone has flaws....some more than others.
  • If I take credit for everything people stated I did or said, I would be either crazy or rich....I would rather be the latter.
    Being blamed
  • Some people may say I am paranoid....If I believe that, I would be paranoid.
  • Don't believe it when someone tells you that you don't have a personality; Everyone has one...several, in some cases.
  • 'I am a Southern girl with a Midwestern connection. So when people tell me I have an accent, I tell them, 'So does almost everyone in America.''
  • In reference to personal issues, I refuse to say I have made mistakes....However, I will say I have made some bad 🙅 decisions.
    Mistakes and Decisions
  • I am not crazy. However, all my life, I have been around people who have done and said some crazy things.
  • My revenge....is my pen. That's my outlet. Healed!
    Revenge and Healing
  • Okay...let me understand. You want me to clean the house, cook everyday, wash the clothes, have and raised the kids, smile and be thankful, pay the bills, don't ever get tired, and work two jobs if needed, and still be a loving wife and mother? Well, I said I wanted to be your Super Woman, not Superman!
  • I love myself like you love yourself.
    Unrequited love or friendship
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