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  • the future of a person lies in his hands
  • Love can conquer and overcome obstacles in a relationship only with the commitment and trust towards each other.
  • 'A student that honours his master honours himself'
  • 'Love the present, nurture your dreams, and fulfil your responsibilities, and the future will take care of itself.'
  • 'as a believer just know that heaven takes notice of you and hell takes notice of you'
  • 'stigmatisation is only a word to those who doesn't value humanity'
  • 'hiv/aids is not a disease but a health condition in which or where people drag themselves in demonically'
  • 'as a christian whenever you sleep with a girl or woman before or outside marriage, you are linked or initiated to that person demonically'
  • 'patriotism does not come without sacrifice'
  • 'make failure your teacher not your undertaker'
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