Quotations From MARY MC CREATH

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  • I am old now and I can tell you, I would not change my place with anyone.
    Mary Mc creath
  • Light illuminates. It changes flat shadows into three-dimensional objects and brings them to life for all to see.
    Mary Mc Creath
  • Today you smiled, were full of joy at prospects of tomorrow. Now you lie so still, absent, From all you wanted to do, or be. Yet present as you lived to
    Mary Mc Creath
  • The empty sky was deaf unto my plea. That emptiness descended now on me.
    Mary Mc Creath
  • To see who we truly are and come to know that each of us is part of every star.
    Mary Mc Creath
  • What stirs life into you, moves you to dance and sway?
    Mary Mc Creath
  • Seeing is a place of light and darkness of revelation and vanishing of revelation of knowing and unknowing.
    Mary Mc Creath
  • Go gently into that bright light dear brother.Embrace it with your closing eyes.
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