Quotations From MATT ANCIENT

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  • I am not my skin or what I wear, what I hear do not put me to fear
    racism, discrimination
  • the world will surely go on without me, but with me comes a different world
    the world
  • if people of the same race can abuse each other, then what is the sence in being a racist.
  • reading and researching helps in unraveling the mystries of this world
    research, education
  • the foolish world is always ruled by materialism and superstition but the real world is ruled by truth and positivity
  • evil is illiteracy and ignorance of the truth
  • god is the manifestation of positivity
  • I am not religious but I am spiritual
  • love and respect is the greatest healer and medicine for the soul
  • the world belongs to does who has the desire to make it successful
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