Quotations From MCANTHONY C. NWATU

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  • There is the duality of evil and good in everything
    That which can be used for evil can as well be used for good. A cutlass can be used to clear grasses and to kill.
  • Every mountain can be climbed, just see it as a challenge and not a problem.
    Every difficult situation can be defeated if and only if it is perceived as a challenge and not a problem.
  • The world is a mystery; to unveil mystery, one has to be mysterious.
    To overcome a situation, possess the strength of that situation.
  • Every man has a reason, but is it reasonable.
    Of course, we should offer explanations for what we do, but is the explanation worth the action it explains?
  • When you reject yourself, yourself will reject you
    We loose our identity when we reject our nature and become another person
  • Creativity of all kinds stems from the originality of the creator.
    Only people who are original in what they do become professionals and point of reference in their field.
  • Love is a jealous God
    Love does not share its glory with anyone. Those who became famous because of the love they have for people, pay high prices for it. E.g- Romeo and Juliet, and the love birds of Titanic.
  • The tragedy of a man begins when he ignores his ignorance.
    What causes problem sometimes is that we refuse, out of pride, to correct our mistakes.
  • Generosity is not only in cash, but also in kindness.
    We fail to identify that when we help an old woman with a bucket of water it is a generous act. We think of giving items and money as generosity.
  • Perfection is ideal while improvement is real
    Practice makes for improvement and not practice makes perfect. I was happy when I heard thé former from Keith Harrell, because it's more constructive and real than the later which i§ the onÉ we are familiar with. Practice can get you to perfection, maybe, but it is certain that it will keep you upwÀrÐs on the lÀdÐer of improvement. One would choose perfection over improvement because it sounds great, but how many people have we seen that achieved perfection in their field. We call them perfect not because they are perfect in the real sense of the word, but because they are the best in their field for that particular period of time in that particular place. Perfection is iÐeal while improvement is real. This is the point: if We understand that with practice we only improve, we will come to appreciate every stage of our practice and rehearsal and will also come to manage any stress or failure that we Çome in contact with in the cause of the practice. But when we conceive it as heading towards perfection, we are pursuing an ideal which might result to a motivational breakdown when we are not getting any closer to the perfection we see in our mind. The mind is very imaginative and can create a lot of fantasies. With such pursuit we will loose sight of our improvements and might quit trying. That is just the major thing, since we focus on perfection we often times loose our motivation and taste to continue to achieve what we want. We end up changing cause from one field to another. Just like someone who focuses only on his destination without considering the journey - the way to his destination - I wonder how s/he will get there. If at all s/he will get there, stress would bear him/her witness. But here is the second point, which is a synthesis. Let's pursue the perfection (though it's an illusion) But we must keep track of our daily improvements and appreciate it, hence we will make it as the first among the best but not the perfect one, and we will achieve our aim without exhaustion and frustration.
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