Quotations From MD. ANISUR RAHMAN

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  • I want to be free from that society where every talent is valueless.
    We should try to understand to everyone.Because everybody can to remain extra ordinary talent.
  • This is not means of freedom that you do what you want
  • Love is an expression of joy and pain.
  • Love comes from heaven.Because god stay in here and everywhere.
  • Man becomes
    totally change
    when danger
    in comes.
  • Not only light is a light but also dark is a light.Because most of animals get to see clear in the dark.
    Dark is a light.
  • Mind is changing, body is rotting.Mind is automatically transformed itself, body is affected by the mind of life.
    Mind And Body
  • Every object in the universe is disciplined, space is unlimited, Well-organized and well-planned everything.
  • It's truth that humanity is the greatest at all.
  • There are billion or more blessing of God in the great universe.
    Blessing of God
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