Quotations From MUZAHIDUL REZA

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  • The world reflects what you are, what you do. If you cry, it will cry; if you are ill, it will be ill and if you laugh, it will laugh, too.
  • We need real love
    To establish real peace
    As real peace origins from real love.
    What We Need
  • Help one in need,
    You shall be helped in time from any side.
  • Helping one in ill-doing,
    Felling self in corruption and crime.
    Warning In Helping
  • A strange circle is circling
    Some passing, some following and some starting,
  • Overcoming Modern Troubles Need A Single Tackle Of Befriending
    Befriending In Need
  • Our coming and going all alone facing lonely situation.
  • Protect nature as you are protected here.
    Saving Nature
  • Disparity is cured in unity
    Power Of Unity
  • When all are for themselves, humanity is for a mere issue and sign.
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