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  • We usually talk about frustrations of the past events and get angry. When that is over, we are worried about the future. In this pendulum of back and forth activities of mind between past and future, we lose opportunities in living on the present-
  • Why do we close our eyes when we pray or meditate? So that we can feel inner silence unless and until we close our eyes. Most of us are not in that level. Our minds are influenced by outer events, persons and things.
  • Once you are out of the tunnel, you never look back at the tunnel. You also do not remember how you felt inside the tunnel during the journey. Truth is, once you have an entry into the tunnel, there has to be an exit.
  • We are on the same big stage acting in a huge drama. There are various actors in positive, negative, zealous, enthusiastic, humorous, pathetic scenes. Scenes will be completed. Drama is going to be over. We are only witness to everything although it appears we are the doers. We are the only tools in hands of the big Director at the back of the stage.
  • The subject of happiness is elusive. The more we hanker after it, it evades human grasp. It is like the deer running amuck in search of fragrance carrying the fragrance itself inside. Happiness is so internal that more and more cravings will make it disappear. It is very simple and complex both. It is above attachment and detachment. It is purely a state of mind and does not depend upon anything external.
  • We are more involved in virtual world to keep in touch like cell phone, email, internet, viber, whatsapp, video telecon etc. Is the virtual world as effective as the real world talking to people? Is the human interaction replaceable? Are we dependent on machines and tools mentioned above that we stop thinking and exercise our discretion? Has the world been small because of these technological advancements?
  • One truth leads to the same none other than truth. One lie leads to another lie. The vicious circle never ends. When it ends, it ends in disaster not only harming oneself burg others irreparably.
  • Time is infinite. With that understanding, events seem to recur giving a diffrent look. But behind this, the spirit is the same. I remain as the witness.
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