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  • Wish life is just a pilgrimage and nothing else. As a Pilgrim I allow my ego, anger, dignity, status, esteem and self-respect to be suppressed and oppressed gracefully, while still knowing that pilgrims too are exploited. Pilgrimage an alibi to be my true self!
    Written by me Naga Vamshidhar, recollecting those divine moments of submission.
  • I turn the pages and make several glances of the book before reading it getting involved akin to the fact that I make several observations of people before I have a friendly conversation with them.
    My common approach to Friends and Books!
  • If GOD is everywhere, so is GOD in 'Sport' and 'Technology'!
    Innovative presence of GOD - past, present, future.
  • My soccer fever starts one month before the world cup and vanishes after the 'Grand Finale'!
    On football world cup enthusiasm.
  • 'Bugs lay eggs! kill the eggs before they hatch and remove the bugs for ever'
    Emphasizing on phase containment to the team!
  • 'These tomatoes doesn't smell Organic, make it a rupee less per Kg'
    Negotiating in a vegetable market!
  • 'It takes a life to accomplish the dreams, but a death nap is enough to leave everything behind'
    Being philosophical!
  • 'God creates everything, even the 'TIME', but takes an 'AVATAR' to be tested by all those he created '
    Mixing philosophy and spirituality!
  • Politicians when elected to power should see it as an opportunity to identify mistakes and wrong doings committed in the past and stand corrected, which otherwise wouldn't possible in an opposition regime.
    In the context of politician committing more crime and becoming more corrupt after getting elected to power.
  • My Articles are particles for a Ray of Hope!
    A comment on all my articles - Technology, Politics, Religion, Science, Spirituality etc. that published and shared from time to time in Social Media, Face Book, WhatsApp and other printed formats.
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