Quotations From NAGUIB MAHFOUZ

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  • “Its a most distressing affliction to have a sentimental heart and a skeptical mind.”
    Sugar Street
  • “You can tell whether a man is clever by his answers. You can tell whether a man is wise by his questions.”
  • “Madness is the acme of intelligence.”
  • “I found myself in a sea in which the waves of joy and sorrow were clashing against each other.”
  • “You know what Im afraid of? That God is sick of us.”
  • “Nothing records the effects of a sad life so graphically as the human body.”
  • “Home is not where you are born;
    home is where all your attempts
    to escape cease”
  • “The heart is a place of secrets...”
  • “We wont develop until we accept that reading is a vital necessity.”
  • “paraphrasing.."Science is the language of the intellect of society. Art is language of the entire human personality.”
    The Cairo Trilogy: Palace Walk / Palace of Desire / Sugar Street
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