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  • 'Maximize technicalism and you maximize frustration. No technicalism is maximal. Because of the balance of functions, intermediates are preferred'.
    - -Nathan Coppedge, (February 2015) .
  • 'Determinism is God's opinion about the depressed'.
    - -Nathan Coppedge (March,2015) .
  • 'Stupidity is basically our inability to grasp the meaningless. It is marked by an indecision about arbitrary meanings. Stupidity is indecisive and concerns itself with superficial explanations'.
    - -Nathan Coppedge (March 2015) .
  • '(Vis. immortal evolution) , the questions, as well as the answers, will change...'
    - -Nathan Coppedge (March 2015) .
  • '[R]elative adaptation depends on the informational structure of the world. And, in an age other than information, it reflects other paradigms...'
    - -Nathan Coppedge (March 2015) .
  • '[A]n ancient proverb says that age is wisdom. But there are different kinds of age...'
    - -Nathan Coppedge (March 2015) . Based on extensive articles on the subject of immortality, published as a book titled The Secret Principles of Immortality (Vol I) .
  • The current state of the world is always an attempt to find the best explanation.
    - -Nathan Coppedge, (March 2015) .
  • The only thing without meaning is the economy of meaning
    - -Nathan Coppedge, to be published in the Spiritual Writings and Dimensional Phenomenologist's Toolkit Appendix I, Part 2.
  • Coherence does not necessitate many worlds.
    - -Nathan Coppedge, 'Implications of Dimensional Knowledge'.
  • 'Exceptions must be technical'
    - -Nathan Coppedge, 'Implications of Dimensional Knowledge'.
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