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  • 'There are objective qualities and mathematical anomalies.'
    - Nathan Coppedge, 'the Third Soul of the Dimensional Encyclopedia'.
  • 'I am a citizen of an unknown place. I wonder where it belongs? '
    - Nathan Coppedge, 'The 2nd Soul of the Dimensional Encyclopedia'.
  • 'The concept is an endless ladder.'
    - Nathan Coppedge, 'The First Soul of the Dimensional Encyclopedia'.
  • 'Preservation is very easy now, so the focus should be on pure ideas. Some realize this, but at the same time, few have realized it in their art... [M]any have opted to be stonewalled by the relationship between meaning and representation.'
    - Nathan Coppedge, comment at the Abstract Art group on LinkedIn (December 2014) .
  • 'The Bible is a book of luck. Whoever disagrees with this view is going to have a hard time.'
    - Nathan Coppedge
  • 'I am the most specialized of pure generalists that I know. More abstract would be more extreme, but it would also be more empty.'
    - Nathan Coppedge (2013) .
  • 'I found a system without math! '
    - Nathan Coppedge (2013)
  • 'Representational reality is virtual reality.'
    - Nathan Coppedge
  • 'Preferring subjectivity over death is still absolutism.'
    - Nathan Coppedge (2014) .
  • '[C]ompleteness. It was the most outrageous fact - - the kind of fact some authors have mistaken for death.'
    - Nathan Coppedge (The Techne,2014)
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