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  • 'Relatively speaking, all the potential of life comes from immortality.'
    - -Nathan Coppedge, March 2018
  • 'Sometimes at times, the metaphor of visual contrast is the nearest thing to magic.'
    - -Nathan Coppedge
  • 'I believe in perpetual motion, but I don't believe in survival without perpetual motion anymore.'
    - -Nathan Coppedge, March 2018
  • 'Life, answers, life, answers, life, answers: it is like an eternal golden braid.'
    - -Nathan Coppedge, March 2018
  • 'As far as the history of technology: First its complicated to input fuel, then its complicated to have it run itself… Then various other things happen.'
    - -Nathan Coppedge, Uniquely Perpetual Motion Quotes, March 2018
  • 'What has ever impeded innovation? The usual thing, or more difficultly the recent historical thing, in either case an unawareness of categories of innovation.'
    - -Nathan Coppedge, March 2018
  • 'Thus, with some minor interpretation, it can be assumed that any theory: whether it is unsolvable or solvable, idealistic, irrational, or hypothetical, is no more than a conditioning upon the precondition for relevance which supersedes any threat of conjecture or irrationality.'
    - -Nathan Coppedge, Contributions to Ordinary Language Philosophy, March 2018
  • 'There used to be these great, classical, roller-ball pens that were all-black except for the steel clip. These were great pens for drawing abstract art, and I used them for years, never really doubting how great they are. The abstract art I produced led me to be more ambitious, philosophical, and ultimately take more interest in subjects like mathematics and science than I would have otherwise. Partly as a result of these pens, I gained confidence to invent perpetual motion and formulas for absolute knowledge, in effect solving all practical and abstract problems. They're the pens that saved the world! At the time they may have cost about $8.12 for a set of six.'
    - -Nathan Coppedge, March 2018
  • 'Note that I am basically just indulging my fascination with disciplines.'
    - -Nathan Coppedge, Irrationalism, March 2018
  • 'You may as well cherish your gift for sanity, otherwise you will lose your power of godliness.'
    - -Nathan Coppedge, March 2018
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