Quotations From NATHAN BEERY

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  • My only motivation in life is necessity. I can only count on myself, so I have to become someone I can count on.
    motivation, life
  • We aren't made or broken from where we come from, we make ourselves, day in and day out we go through fire, we are what we make ourselves with what is left after everything else is burnt away.
  • Anyone I consider family is someone I respect and care for to the utmost, and am loyal to without fail.
  • I'm thankful for what I've been through, I've made myself a better person for it.
  • If I still had faith in humanity, I probably wouldn't be able to sleep so well.
  • Thank god I'm insane, I don't know how well adjusted people live in this hell-hole of a society.
    society, insanity
  • When an idiot agrees with me, I really start to question my opinion.
  • I prize my insanity, it's what gives me clarity.
  • Good without evil is imperfect just as evil is without good, we make our decisions in life and unless we've failed when it matters, we don't know the price of what doing wrong is. There is no good without evil, and there is no evil without good. An omnipotent force is neutral and so, the ideal is found in both good and evil or more so in the understanding that nothing is perfect. You can't understand the depths of what a simple good act means without seeing and comprehending the depravity and inhumanity that people are capable of; it is really evil that makes good matter
    good, evil, life
  • Darkness and light are equal parts of the ideal.
    good, evil, life
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