Quotations From NICK KLER

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  • It cut's me deep every time
    When a thought crosses my mind
    That I'm away from you
    But, when I really think about it
    Who am I to you.............
  • I hang myself from the blankets
    Up side down all night long,
    Begging for sleep to come
    FOOL never shows up!
    Not even to say 'NO'
  • You are my dream
    I always dreamt of
    I am your one and only
    That fills up your heart
    How can you ever say? ...
    You don't know me!
    Baby, you're the only lie
    I ever lied about! !

    Nick Kler
  • Things without purpose or meaning
    Entertains me these days
    Oh, what a blame game
    Knowing, I cannot share
  • I keep on dreaming
    You are here with me
    And you never go
    If I stop breathing
    I don't see you anymore
  • Staring at the space
    Oh! what a lonely place
    Counting stars all night long
    One by one, they also disappeared
    From this vast, fervid sky

    Nick Kler
  • He carries the whole world
    Upon his head
    Protecting every one of em
    Scared of demons instead
    Fighting with everything he's got
    Against the shadows in his head
    Little does he knows
    They are already dead

    Nick Kler
  • Heavens are calling me
    How can I pretend to say no?
    It is my original home,
    A place where I came from
    For now that it is calling me
    It is where I must go!
    A dream
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