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  • It is true that leadership sets the tone of the culture of an organisation because changes in the organisation are greatly influenced by leadership Nick Nkuna,10/09/08
    Experience of an organisation led autocratically, people developed a culture of fear, not taking initiative, waiting for instructions all the time
  • Leadership is an endeavour to define a course of action and influencing willingness towards the achievement of that course of action's objectives' N Nkuna,03/ 09/08
    Nelson Mandela's struggled to influence reconciliation amongst the people of SA, he was doing the right thing, we are trying hard to reconcile
  • Jabu Mabuza's appointment to the chairmanship of Telkom came as not a surprise to older black South Africans. They understand that he was a taxi driver not by choice but by the circumstances that prevailed at the time. Apartheid subjected him to that kind of a lifestyle. During the height of Apartheid people of Jabu's ilk could occupy professional jobs but were prevented by Apartheid legislation that did not compromise when it comes to segregation on racial lines. NN 19 Nov 2012
    The history of Apartheid in SA, how it affected the lives of black people
  • ‘Decide on a course of action, be prepared and stay on it through winter and summer. That way, success is certain to come, ' N Nkuna,22 March 2013
    Be aware that there are ups and downs in life
  • ‘If you can write, read and speak, you are halfway to a better life. But if you can use that to earn a living you are there.' N Nkuna
    Inspired by great writers
  • Many people are enslaved by other people's expectations of them to behave in a certain way, ' Niki Nkuna
    One cannot satisfy all or please all, be independent
  • ‘We keep on avoiding the reality of the end of our lives that we even postpone planning for retirement and for any other eventuality.' Niki Nkuna
    We tend to live for now as if we won't grow old
  • ‘People will devote unrelenting diligence to the pursuit of success if the reward to be derived is happiness other than money.' Niki Nkuna
    People can have all the material wealth and still lack happiness. The pursuit of happiness is key
  • ‘Some managers and leaders of organisations have the audacity to ill-treat their subordinates flagrantly, with the misguided believe that they are shielded by the imaginary veil called, position power. Instead, they are just making themselves appear insensitive, foolish and despicable.'
    NN 15 Jan'13
    Disgusted by autocratic leaders and managers
  • ‘Give away love so that it may have meaning.' Niki Nkuna
    Love cannot be love until it is shared
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