Quotations From ODUMA ALEX

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  • In this world, everything is simple. To get to hell simple, to get to heaven is easier. But, what you don't know is bigger than you.

    Ali Alexon
    To the mediocre
  • Its better to be a faithful partner
    than to be a faithful lover
  • It is better to dine with devil
    than a vulture in your guest
    with a friendly smile
  • Love at all cost
    is love at all lost
  • All birds fly
    But vulture flies
    Looking for human monopoly carcass.
  • Have (possession)

    All those who have
    But want to still have
    Are poor.

    All those who have
    But contented with their have
    Are Rich.

    Therefore, poverty is not mainly due to financial deficiency, but as a result of greedy ambitions.

    Then, the real ambassadors of poverty are the insatiable gluttons who are the slaves of avarice.

    Ali Alexon
  • Equity is the hierarchy of orderly dispensation with regards to the respective members.
  • Equity is the voice of the soul, that speaks of justice and respect according to the participating individuals.
  • Christmas is the reminisce of the birth of new age, from B.C (Before Christ) to A.D (Anno Domini; in the year of the Lord) .
  • Christmas is the celebration of the nativity of a Supreme Deity that came to redeem humanity.
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