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  • 'The state has power, but the people are more powerful. And if the people are too afraide, the state will ride on them and they will be slaves to the state forever.' -Okoemu Barnabas
    State, People, power, Slave, forever.
  • 'Don't be comfortable because you are comfortable, rather, be comfortable because your neighbour is comfortable.' -Okoemu Barnabas
    Comfortable, neighbours
  • 'A government who cannot make education free and compulsory; who cannot invest in education is weak and corrupt.' -Okoemu Barnabas
    Government, education, free, compulsory, invest, weak and corrupt
  • 'Every child is your child, learn to teach them all and ensure you teach them right'- Okoemu Barnabas
    Child, learn, teach, right
  • 'When you have no one to do it for you, do it yourself, which ever way it comes out, it is the best' -Okoemu Barnabas
    No one, yourself, best
  • 'When someone is too afraid, he becomes a fool.' -Okoemu Barnabas
    Afraid, fool
  • 'Well fed slaves are more dangerous than the most terrific terrorists' -Okoemu Barnabas
    Slaves, dangerous, terrorists
  • Anyone seeking unity and peace and still figuring out differences and errors of the past is not ready for pace or unity but war. -Okoemu Barnabas
    Unity, peace, differences, errors, war
  • 'We all know what is the reason of our existence. But if we all know what ought to be the reason of our existence, I believe the world will be a better place for us all.' -Okoemu Barnabas
    Reason, existence, ought, world, better
  • 'I don't do things to become the best. I put my best in all I do' -Okoemu Barnabas
    Do, things, best
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