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  • beauty is not a choice. It is a gift
  • It is in the beauty of a lady that the wisdom of a man is seen. No man learns to love without a woman in his life.
    love and wisdom
  • The knowledge of tomorrow is the wisdom of today.
  • Like war, it is easy to start and difficult to end- uneasy to maintain. But to them who the route to seduction understand have been given power, the ability, the skill and secret to love and love well.
    Love and Seduction
  • Vision has no connection with corruption and evil action
  • When a man refuses an opportunity, he plays in futility..
  • The predicament of the modern African lies in the fact that Africans threw away the pride of their culture only to take up Western ideologies which has made them a no-go ahead entities. Unless we the modern Africans articulate and conscientiously revitalize the African Philosophy of antiquity, we cannot uphold or claim to have a classical philosophy.
    On African Philosophy
  • Unless you have been subjected to obedience, you can never be raised to authority for it is in the principles of obedience that one is conformed with authority. he who knows how to obey is he with the true power
  • Greatness is not a thing to be achieved... it is a thing to be activated... everybody is born great.
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