Quotations From PRADEEP PILLI

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  • A Tree is Known by its fruits;
    A Man is known by his deeds.
    To every one
  • Education is a word which has all 5 vowels and makes a man as
  • A person with positive attitude can make something out of nothing;
    But a person with negative attitude can make nothing out of something.
    Attitude is Everything
  • Life is not what we expect,
    It is what we don't expect.
    Life Lesson
  • Bad may appear to be successful in the beginning,
    But later it fails;
    Good may appear to be a failure in the beginning,
    But later it succeeds.
    Good always conquers Evil.
  • Morality is never achieved by education,
    It can be achieved only by religion (fear of god) .
    Ethics and Values
  • A good man is always out spoken;
    Where as a bad man always speaks into somebody's ears.
    Being Frank
  • Problems are the sign of living.
    Symbol of Living
  • It is better to have the company of the people
    of values rather than valuables.
    Know your Company
  • It is our attitude which decides our altitude.
    Attitude is Everything.
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