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  • Begone days were sweet, Beggining days be sweeter
  • The greatness of a man is not decided by what he earns but by what he gives
    Small donations by the poor for a big cause
  • The greatness of great people will be great when they recognize the greatness of the people who are not great
    even the least small man have some greatness which go unidentified
  • Distance between two is short in good relation,
    Farthest in strained relation
    Strained relation is difficult to mend
  • Wind goes where there is a depression
    God's forces go to revitalize the downtrodden
  • Intimacy bars no privacy
    Privacy bars no intimacy
    we don't tend to keep privacy where there is too much intimacy and where we want privacy intimacy is not affected
  • A lamp without oil cannot burn to give out light
    Every activity needs a power from within
  • A poor man's bowl is always empty
    because poverty is a subject
    for debate and discussions only
    People who throw out revolutionary ideas do practically nothing for others
  • The wise, though hungry, will not overeat damaging stomach
    greed will land anybody in problems
  • Only a hard climb can take you atop the hill
    Hard work only can help you reach the goals
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