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  • Just like a long life. When you love
    a tall tree. The higher you will climb.
    Don't ever give up.
  • Don't let time pass you by. Run
    a little faster and catch up.
    Time waits for no man or woman.
  • The roads of life leads to many
    destinations. Stop, look and listen!
    Find the path that is right for you.
  • Eternal bliss is walking on the earth in
    heavenly places. Tread freely.
    A spiritual journey.
  • Freedom is not always free. Can
    come at a very high cost. It's
    worth its weight in gold.
    The bells tolls for freedom.
  • The success of an individual doesn't
    always lies in what he or she does. It's
    the motive behind it.
    Be mindful.
  • As numerous as the sand is on the seashore.
    So are the many aspects of our lives.
    Live life more abundantly.
  • A true friend is only found in
    the face of adversity. Who can
    find a faithful friend?
  • An individuals true joy in life is determined by
    how he treats his fellowman.
    Treat others the way you would like to be treated.
  • A strong and hearty handshake is just like a good meal.
    It strengthens the body and refreshes the soul.
    A joyful life.
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