Quotations From PAUL AMROD

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  • For a moment thinking of nothing is highly healthy.
    However thinking for yourself is a prerequisite of sanity.
    Waking Up
  • Hapless ventures will proceed into futility
    Courageous adventures succeed with humility
  • Each of us should scream with joy that we were given the gift of life.
    Why then do we toil and fret with worries and wicked strife?
    Everyday observance
  • The ingenious can never approve of cynicism. One must always leave the door open for exceptionalism.
  • Two dangers are looming. The damnation of our cherished environment through climate change or the futility of a brainless nuclear war.
    Impeach Trump
  • Scratch your head and twiddle your thumbs nevertheless love your neighbor with a complement on your tongue.
  • Hideous attitudes will devour your good nature. Smiling through a day will only bring rapture.
  • Hidden in our inner self is the key of perfection. Like the wonders of our solar system's golden section and our lover's tender affection.
    The Godly Voice
  • Simplicity is concrete as complication brings retreat.
    Reflecting on a sensitive mode frees our passions, well bestowed.
  • God blessed us with resiliency. Hence we can combat mediocrity while abolishing hypocrisy.
    The Power of Tenaciousness
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