Quotations From PAUL SEBASTIAN

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  • One Life to Live

    Only one life to live, live your life worthwhile.
    Life cannot be repeated for amendment.
  • Fully Love, Fully Live

    Who does not love to excess, loves too little.
    In all things, let it be at work or in relationships, one must commit wholly and passionately.
  • Paying the Price of Work

    To each God has given a land buried with diamonds.
    But each has to dig for them in his land.
    One needs to pay the price to get what one wants.
  • Poetry

    When you squeeze your heart to put into words what you feel and perceive artistically, it is a poem. A good one is like a painting, it leaves impressions, some lasting lifetime!
    poetry writing
  • Perfect Woman

    From the rib of man God created wo-man for He had to create a perfect person for raising a family!
    The role of woman.
  • Three Things That Count

    Three things count most in the end: Sincerity, honesty and integrity. Nothing else counts.
    Value of man.
  • Religion of Peace

    Religion must be a religion of peace, for God is Peace.
    Peaceful co-existence
  • Two Roads

    Of the two roads, a few will take the less traveled road to make new discoveries and leave a clear path for others to follow.
    To Robert Frost poem: The Less traveled Road.
  • Life is too Short

    Life is too short to bear grudges and hurts. There are no repeats. Better to think right, feel right and do right and be happy!
  • Self Awareness

    Sometimes it is so difficult to look at oneself but others see us with truth,
    Self awareness
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